AIM to Lead with Sarah Flashing

Thank you for visiting! You probably have already guessed that my name is Sarah Flashing. I am the owner of Sarah Flashing Creative + Consulting and have poured my heart into the AIM to Lead Coaching Program and Business Growth Network. These have been designed to empower anyone aiming to succeed in business, product launches, projects or any other endeavor.

Throughout my career, I’ve always served in various capacities as a communications marketing professional, working with businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs to effectively develop and deliver their message and, ultimately, grow their business. I’ve developed brands and campaign slogans that have connected my clients to their customers, over and over again. It’s become clear to the leaders I work with that i bring a special insight to their websites, their marketing campaigns and their corporate identity. My eye for design comes with the ability to advise on various aspects of their business that impact revenue generation and the ability to influence.

In addition to the creative and coaching aspects of my work, I also speak in classroom, conference and seminar environments delivering content on business, marketing and leadership topics. My proven leadership in both the boardroom and classroom gives me an innate ability to connect in both the academic and professional setting.

What gets me out of bed at 5:30 (most days!)? I love working with leaders from coast to coast, helping them identify gaps in their business and marketing plans and implement innovative solutions. I enjoy coaching aspiring leaders and helping them move forward to the next stage of their business development and their career. In whatever sphere they work or play, my work with visionaries, business owners and organizational leaders keeps my eyes open late into the evening.  My day isn’t complete unless I’ve helped connect my clients to their customers. 

Oh yes, I went to college and graduate school. The masters degree in ethics (TIU, 2005) provides a great framework for teaching in the corporate setting, on topics including reputation management to corporate social justice. Invite me to speak at your upcoming event, whether virtual or in person!